A Blue Valentine at Emerson

This Valentine’s Day, the Emerson Staff Union is sending the administration our Blue Valentines. We want them to know that:

We LOVE Emerson, but Emerson breaks our hearts.

a stack of blue valentines

If you’d like to join us in letting the administration know what YOU love about Emerson and what breaks YOUR heart, there are 3 ways you can add your message to ours:

  • You can write your own Blue Valentine on this Kudoboard
  • You can record a message by calling this number (617) 356-7992
  • You can write one by hand. We will have postcards on us when you see us leaflet on the street, and you can also get one by emailing emersonbluevalentine@gmail.com
In your message please include:
  • What you love about Emerson
  • How Emerson breaks your heart
  • Whether you are student, staff, faculty or alum (or part of the Emerson community in some other way)
  • Your full name (see below for info on why we need this)

Who your messages are going to

All messages will be sent to the decision-makers at Emerson, including members of the Board of Trustees.

Why we need your name

We want to make sure you’re not a troll. We will not share your name if you specify that you don’t want it shared.

Kudoboard will ask to collect your email address and/or name.  We will not display any of that information to the public or share it. You can deliver your message anonymously. If you’d like to sign your name, however, please include it in the text of your message.

If you choose to record a message anonymously, please provide your name still, but ask in the beginning of your message to redact it before the message is shared with anyone. We will remove your name from the recording before we send it to the decision-makers.

Union Podcast

The Emerson Staff Union has a podcast called Unity Unmuted.

We are planning to do a special episode about our Blue Valentines, and we might pull some recordings to be included in the podcast. If you don’t want your message used in the podcast, please say so in your recording, and we will respect your request. 

For more about this campaign, check out our social media: IG, Twitter, FB