Our Accomplishments

What the Staff Union Accomplished with the 2018 Contract:

  • Achieved contract-stipulated annual salary increases for EVERYONE.
  • Corrected salary discrepancies among employees, raising dozens of our members into higher pay grades.
  • Ensured that all staff were moved to at least 40% of their salary range.
  • Secured Emerson coverage of public transportation costs ($84.5/month). Before our contract, Emerson had only ever reimbursed managers for parking.
  • Established the Sick Bank to which employees can donate sick days and from which other employees can draw sick days when they run out.
  • Created a Parental Leave Policy that does not discriminate on the basis of gender and treats adoption and birth the same.
  • Redesigned the performance evaluation process to refocus it on career development.
  • Secured Patriots’ Day as a paid holiday.

Benefits of Union Membership:

  • We need your voice in building the next collective bargaining agreement.
  • We represent you at any meeting that involves—or could lead to—discussion of discipline, including termination.
  • We provide improved job security including just cause protection.
  • We support severance pay.
  • We can assist you if you request a job review.

Want to find out more? We would love talk with you! Contact us at emersonorganizing@gmail.com.