Emerson Staff Union Hopes for ‘More of a Voice’ in Second Contract

Emerson Staff Union hopes for ‘more of a voice’ in second contract by Adri Pray via The Berkeley Beacon / “Our overarching goal is to bring more equity to how staff are treated at Emerson and to ensure that the staff have more of a voice in decisions that are directly affecting our working conditions.”

Staff Union Petitions for Overdue Salary Increases

by Bailey Allen via The Berkeley Beacon / “Almost a year after college administrators promised to give all staff the annual 3.9 percent salary increase agreed upon during the union’s 2018 collective bargaining agreement, members of the Emerson College Staff Union are petitioning to get their negotiated raises back at last.”

Letter: Advice for Students About to Graduate? Join a Union

by Illona Yukhayev via The Berkeley Beacon / “When you stand at your commencement next month, look at your peers, and make a decision right there and then, to never fight them for scraps. Instead, join forces with them, grow stronger in solidarity, and build a better workforce together. You are never alone.”

Editorial: Emerson’s Staff and Faculty Deserve Better

by the Editorial Board of The Berkeley Beacon / “Staff and faculty shouldn’t have to fight for benefits that were already promised to them, especially during a time where they are much more vulnerable. It’s time that Emerson prioritizes the people that keep this institution running and start by reinstating the benefits cut from staff.”