Union Statement Regarding Campus Events

April 30, 2024 The Emerson Staff Union-Local 888 SEIU joins our campus in expressing grief, mourning, disappointment, and pain resulting from the egregious and violent response by police to our students, staff, and faculty on April 25, 2024. Emerson students protesting for justice in Palestine have been arrested twice in as many months for nonviolent […]

Emerson Staff Union Hopes for ‘More of a Voice’ in Second Contract

Emerson Staff Union hopes for ‘more of a voice’ in second contract by Adri Pray via The Berkeley Beacon / “Our overarching goal is to bring more equity to how staff are treated at Emerson and to ensure that the staff have more of a voice in decisions that are directly affecting our working conditions.”

Weekly Dispatch 5-11-18

At the union negotiations meeting yesterday, which President Pelton attended, management submitted numerous counter proposals, including compensation, benefits, parental leave, and performance evaluation. The union accepted the proposals, which means we have tentatively agreed on our first contract! The union negotiations team would like to thank our fellow members for all of the support you’ve […]

Weekly Dispatch 4-20-18

Here’s your weekly union update: Our next negotiations meeting is April 26 and we’re planning on discussing compensation (pay), benefits, job review (as in a structured review of job duties), and performance evaluations. Various groups are working on proposals to present at that meeting. Also, since publishing our February newsletter, we’ve TA’d on the sick […]