NEW: Proposal for Staff Diversity and Inclusion

Emerson’s strategy to increase the diversity of its staff is limited. We, the Emerson Staff Union, recognize that we need better diversity in our ranks, and we are fighting for it.

We would like to make accountability part of the solution. We are asking the administration to regularly publish the information they collect on the diversity of our staff, similar to what they do with student data. We want the administration to share reports with the Union of microaggressions that involve staff members, in order to assess the situation and develop tools to combat bias in our membership.

We’ve given Management the following proposal on 12/05/2017. We welcome suggestions and feedback from the community as we continue to work on it.



Emerson Staff Union is committed to increasing the diversity of our staff and fighting micro-aggressions committed against or by our members.

  1. The College will conduct an annual diversity audit of its entire staff, either internally or through an external consultant. The College will publish a report on the number of minority staff employed at Emerson at the time of the audit.
  2. The College currently has a channel for anonymous bias incidents reporting. The College keeps the channel open for staff and share the reports submitted by staff, or by other parties on campus with complaints of bias on the part of staff, with Union leadership every six months. This report will help the Union to develop tools to fight microaggressions in our ranks and tackle institutional trends. 

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