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Whose Court Is the Ball in?

UPDATE: The Emerson staff union and the College reached a tentative agreement on May 10, 2018. Members will vote to ratify the contract on May 31.


The negotiations committee met with management about 30 times to negotiate our first contract. The following is a list of all currently outstanding proposals.

Proposals the Union is working on:
We don’t owe management any counter proposals.
Proposals to which the management has not yet responded:
  1. Outside Employment (Union submitted 4/11/18)
  2. Diversity and Inclusion (Union submitted 4/11/18)
  3. Staff Teaching (Union submitted 4/11/18)
  4. Compensation (Union submitted 4/26/18)
  5. Benefits (Union submitted 4/26/18)
  6. Job Review (Union submitted 4/26/18)
  7. Performance Evaluation (Union submitted 4/26/18)
  8. Union Security and Management Rights (Union submitted 2/14/18)
  9. Temporary Assignment/Employees (Union submitted 11/9/17)

The articles below are articles we’ve reached an agreement on:

  1. Bargaining Unit Information
  2. Bulletin Boards
  3. College Closing
  4. Discipline and Discharge
  5. Grievance and Arbitration
  6. Health & Safety
  7. Intro Eval Period
  8. No Strike, No Lockout
  9. Non-Discrimination
  10. Personnel Files
  11. Preamble
  12. Seniority
  13. Separability of Provisions
  14. Union Rights
  15. Reductions in Force and Recall
  16. Sick Bank
  17. Credit for Past Service
  18. Work Hours and Duties

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